Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

Do you know how much a production shutdown costs you?

Performing regular maintenance on your equipment will help you avoid unexpected downtime and the ensuing significant costs stemming from production losses and temporary emergency work. When your production comes to a sudden halt, not all of the aspects of the restoration are under your control. You may encounter unavailable parts, which will force you to seek a temporary solution, resulting in additional costs.

Planned maintenance offers the advantage of better controlling your maintenance costs and preventing your automation systems from falling into disrepair. It also helps ensure the smooth operation of electromechanical equipment and the optimization of operation sequences, which guarantees optimal output of your activities at all times.

Whenever preventive maintenance is performed, the client is provided with a report. This document contains our recommendations. Applying them will help you reduce energy costs, have a holistic view of your system in order to tackle existing problems and give you the opportunity to plan maintenance in order to keep your system up to date.

Choose to Upgrade Your System

By choosing to upgrade your system proactively, you will ensure that your overall solution continues to offer top-notch performance, that your software is compliant with constantly evolving logistics requirements, and that replacement components are always available. After performing an audit of your facilities, we will submit a detailed plan to modernize your systems or components and remain at the leading edge of your sphere.

1 year of remote support at no additional cost

When you opt for the system with remote access, we offer 1 year of technical support at no additional cost. You will enjoy quick access to a qualified Procétech technician to assist you in the event of a technical glitch, thereby helping you save time and money.

Also offered upon the signature of a service contract.